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Session structure

The Debate Forum will cover controversial topics where opinions/philosophies in the professional world may differ. A moderator will lead the debate between two invited speakers.

A short introduction to the topic will be followed by a presentation on each of the diverging positions and a statement why the speaker thinks that the opponent’s opinion is wrong. This format will polarize and encourage a lively discussion. A strong take-home message is generated.

Duration: 60 minutes:

  • 5-minute topic introduction and general comments by the moderator.
  • 10-minute presentation by each of the two speakers, favouring their treatment / philosophy with support from the literature.
  • 5-10 minute presentation by the two speakers on why they think the opponent’s philosophy / treatment is wrong.
  • Discussion.


  • Cemented vs non-cemented stems for the elderly patient.
  • With or without patella-resurfacing in TKA.

22nd EFORT Congress | Vienna, Austria | 30 June - 02 July 2021
Programme, room, date and time available soon
Programme for the Debate Fora (DF – 60 minutes)
Faculty members participating in the panel and schedules will be available on a later stage of the organisation process.