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Bridging networking with knowledge

The EFORT Annual Congress 2023 in Vienna will offer redefined networking solutions and will launch The EFORT Marketplace, open to all. Placed at the heart of the exhibition this hub will boost 4 key activities where:

I engage – I consolidate – I learn – I master

Give yourself time to attend:

  • Research Café through which the Research Culture and exchange with experts can be strengthened over round table discussions.
  • Mini-Satellites during which latest evidence ascertains the value of medical technology.
  • “Did you know spotlight sessions” to better understand what moves the O&T Community.
  • Surgical Precision for which you will be granted front row access to live hands-on procedures & techniques.

A key strength of this new concept is EFORT’s audience diversity and the multidisciplinary of the represented professions within O&T it attracts.

Flanked on both sides by the poster area the aim of the EFORT Marketplace is to bridge networking with knowledge. Set up as a theatre, with tiered bench seats for a capacity of max. 60 people will overlook three round tables and a big screen.

Follow us in this call to action to have access to the best of what a face-to-face event has to offer.

Research Café - Strengthen the Research Culture and exchange with experts over round table discussions.

This new concept will offer selected participants an exchange with EFORT experts and industry representatives at the same time on the topic “Research”.

Three round tables – three predefined topics:

  • Table 1 – Research question & Choice of outcome.
  • Table 2 – Planning and coordination of the study & Reporting a trial.
  • Table 3 – The research protocol & Ethical issues.

Part I: Delegates will rotate through each of the 3 tables, effectively allowing approximately 22 minutes of discussion at each one of the tables. This first part allows for confidential and intimate discussion.

Part II: In this second part and after each participant will have had the opportunity to discuss the 3 topics, table moderators will quickly collect thoughts & recommendations before engaging the discussion to an open audience.

Runs daily from 12:45 to 14:45. Table topics remain the same throughout the congress days. Table participants upon invitation only.

Mini satellites - Latest evidence to ascertain the value of medical technology.

This is the opportunity to attend Quick Fire 20-minute industry presentations. While it is said that an elevator pitch should last no longer than 20 seconds, we purposely keep the approach but have allowed for 20 minute timeslots to make it more memorable.

Discover the latest in medical technology and listen to respected faculty members. They are here catalyse interest into sharing of new findings and strengthen evidence.

These are a series of educational sessions which are not eligible for CME accreditation and are a smart alternative to the traditional industry symposia run in big session rooms.

Check back regularly to see confirmed sessions scheduled at the EFORT Marketplace.

“Did you know spotlight sessions” - Four topical sessions moving the O&T Community.

The world is changing and our patients as well. We believe that transfer of knowledge is key and has to follow that same trend. Patient’s expectations are different leading the medical professionals towards rethinking the relationship they have with patients.

What areas will impact and enable the current and next generations to kickstart this process and improve the overall quality of the profession?

Through four topical sessions, we propose to deep dive, amongst others, into New Training Modules and Best Practice in the Delivery of CME/CPD Lifelong Learning, just like some universities start proposing a Master of Science in O&T. Are we going towards a new recognition of the profession and is this calling for an entirely new school of thoughts? 

Or how best to get involved in EU Affairs, and contribute to shaping the future and legal framework of the surgeon’s work.

Not to forget The Art of Scientific Publishing which remains omnipresent in the Specialty. While the digital solutions have made it easier to submit articles, optimising the structure of a scientific paper requires a certain degree of skill and proficiency. Not the least because by choosing the appropriate journal, authors will gain more visibility for the work they publish.

Digital Orthopaedics and Traumatology is the last of the series during which discussions will revolve around empowerment to plan the deployment of a patient journey app in the clinic, understand the benefits for patients, doctors, therapists and science deploying patient journey apps, and also outline the features, use cases and benefits of using a medical device-grade wearable in remote patient monitoring.

Scheduled on:

  • Wednesday 24 May | Afternoon from 15:45-16:15
  • Thursday 25 May | Morning from 10:30-11:00
  • Thursday 25 May | Afternoon from 15:45-16:15
  • Friday 26 May | Morning from 10:30-11:00 am

Check back regularly to see confirmed sessions scheduled at the EFORT Marketplace.

Stay tuned, more information available soon!