Nested Applications


Faculty members with scientific assignments within an EFORT Invited Session are invited to hold live presentations during a specific schedule to be communicated individually by end of March 2024.

  • Speakers are requested to use PowerPoint MS Office for Windows or Mac (*pptx) with slide size set as Widescreen 16:9.
  • Videos can be linked or embedded but DVD movies are NOT supported. MPEG2 is the preferred format for embedded movies, but *.avi, *.wmv are also accepted.
    All the necessary files will need to be saved in the SAME FOLDER as your presentation for upload.
  • Hyperlinks to external websites will NOT work.
  • We recommend using “.gif” and “.jpg” formats for images. Other types of extension are accepted but prior advice from our technical team is required. Please contact the EFORT team via [email protected]
  • Use large fonts (the minimum size recommended is 16 points) and prioritize the use of standard fonts like Times Roman, Arial or Verdana. Some other fonts may not transfer properly from your computer to the system used for presentation.
  • Limit each slide to one main idea with three to six points. If more than six points (bullets) are included in one slide, your audience will have difficulties to follow your presentation.
  • Please do not include sensitive data in your presentation.

Please note, the exact presentation length will be detailed within the session programme for each speaker. The presentation length is strict and speech should not exceed the time assigned. The number of slides should also be adapted accordingly. We recommend an average of 2 slides per minute of speech.

Enclosure of one of the following COI disclaimers in the ending slide (Summary or Acknowledgement slide) is recommended according to each situation:

  • The author declares that the research for and communication of this independent body of work does not constitute any financial or other conflict of interest.
  • The author declares that a conflict of interest exists in respect of this work owing to his/her duties as [position] for [company name], and the potential subsequent financial ties arising from this position (including payment for current or future research, ownership of stock and stock options, fees for advice or public speaking, consulting, service on advisory boards or for medical training companies, and receipt of patents or patents pending).

Faculty members with scientific assignments within an EFORT Invited Session will be informed on the specific schedules of each assign. They should therefore guarantee their availability for live streaming during the schedule given to be able to talk LIVE over their presentation.

All presentations should be prepared upfront and uploaded through a personal link before the congress dates (deadline and details of the process to be communicated at a later stage). During the upload process, you will be requested to upload a portrait photo of yourself. Presentations sent by email WILL NOT be accepted.

Additionally all confirmed Faculty members will have the opportunity to receive a technical brief for both, presentation upload and live presentation.

Speakers must guarantee that all the content of their presentation(s) can be shown online during a live session as well as for any on-demand version that might be available after the congress dates (Replay).
Sensitive date will not be accepted.

All invited sessions are structured with a final discussion period where speakers will discuss LIVE relevant Q&As from participants received through a dedicated feature available on the platform. Active involvement of all speakers during this interactive exchange will be highly appreciated. We therefore request to all speakers to stay connected during the whole LIVE session.

For any question or further information please contact the EFORT team at [email protected].