Full-Day in Total Hip & Total Knee Replacement

Advanced Concepts in Total Hip Replacement: MORNING session
Advanced Concepts in Total Knee Replacement: AFTERNOON session

A panel of recognised European experts with an in-depth experience in total hip and knee replacement will share their knowledge of key issues with a focus on day-to-day practice in both primary and revision surgery. The members of the panel will provide an update on the latest techniques and treatments for younger joint replacement specialists and more experienced senior consultants.


The Full-Day in Total Hip & Total Knee Replacement is free of charge but pre-registration is mandatory. Attendance is possible only if the participant is already full-registered for the EFORT Congress. Registration to the course allows participants to attend any of the two half-day sessions. All details to sign-up for any of these sessions will be available on our registration platform as of January 2019.

Advanced Concepts in Total Hip Replacement (THR)
Thursday 06 June 2019 | Room: Lisbon | Time: 08:00 -12.00
Programme (PDF document - 1 page - 120kb)

THA Dislocation And Instability | Moderation: Per Kjaersgaard-Andersen (Denmark) and Willem Schreurs (The Netherlands)

  • How Big Is The Problem – What Do Registries Show Us? | Rob G. H. H. Nelissen  (The Netherlands)
  • Spine-Hip Relationship. How Does It Influence THA Stability? | Jean Yves Lazennec (France)
  • How Should We Treat Recurrent Dislocation - An Algorithm | Stephen Jones (UK)
  • Why I Always Use Dual-Mobility Cups In Instability | Jean Alain Epinette (France)
  • Why I Do Not Use Dual-Mobility Cups As A Routine In Patients At Risk For Instability | Søren Overgaard (Denmark)
  • Why I Still Use Constrained Liners | Philippe Hernigou (France)

Periprosthetic Femoral Fractures In THA | Moderation: Luigi Zagra (Italy) and Andreas Loefler (Australia)

  • Two Cases Where Fixation Had A Poor Outcome | Karl Stoffel  (Switzerland)
  • Two Revision Cases With Poor Outcome | Dieter Christian Wirtz (Germany)
  • Classification Of Periprosthetic Femoral Fractures | Theofilos Karachalios (Greece)
  • How Big Is The Problem – What Can Registries Show Us? | Ola Rolfson (Sweden)
  • What Treatment Strategies Are Recommended?  | Klaus-Peter Günther (Germany)

THA In Younger Patients | Moderation: Klaus A. Siebenrock (Switzerland) and Francesco Falez (Italy)

  • What Do Registries Show Us On Trends In Frequency And Outcome? | Claus Varnum (Denmark)
  • What Is Important And What Are Risk Factors In Young Patients? | Fares Haddad (UK)
  • Cemented Or Non-Cemented THA | Stephen Graves (Australia)
  • HXL Polyethylene On Metal / Ceramic Or Ceramic-On-Ceramic | Luigi Zagra (Italy)
  • The Very Young Patient – What To Do? | Per Kjaersgaard-Andersen (Denmark)

Hot Topics In THA – Latest News | Moderation: Søren Overgaard (Denmark) and George Macheras (Greece)

  • Trunniosis: The Problem, Prevalence And Clinical Relevance | Michael M. Morlock (Germany)
  • Obesity And THA: Results And Clinical Relevance | Richard De Steiger (Australia)
  • Smoking And Alcohol: Is There A Behavior For Risk At THA? | Henrik Malchau (United States)
  • Same Day THA: Which Patient, Which Surgeon, Which Hospital? | Stephan Vehmeijer (The Netherlands)

Advanced Concepts in Total Knee Replacement (TKR)
Thursday 06 June 2019 | Room: Lisbon | Time: 15:00 -18.30
Programme (PDF document - 1 page - 120 kb)

Role Of New Technology In TKA | Moderation: Jan Verhaar (The Netherlands) and Carsten Perka (Germany)

  • Navigation: Still Valuable? | Richard De Steiger (Australia)
  • 3D Printing: What Are The Options? | Emmanuel Thienpont (Belgium)
  • Enhanced Recovery: Where Are We Now? | Anders Troelsen (Denmark)

Patellofemoral Topics In TKA | Moderation: Roland Becker (Germany) and Jean-Noël Argenson (France)

  • Patellar Resurfacing? No. | Jan Verhaar (The Netherlands)
  • Patellar Resurfacing? Yes. | Francesco Benazzo (Italy)
  • Extensor Mechanism Repair In TKA  | Andrea Baldini (Italy)

Diagnosis And Patient Outcome In Revision TKA | Moderation: Francesco Benazzo (Italy) and Sébastien Lustig (France)

  • Diagnostic Algorithm Of Unhappy Knee | Roland Becker (Germany)
  • Unhappy TKA With Infection. ICM - Philadelphia Advice | Martin Clauss (Switzerland)
  • Unhappy TKA With Instability. What To Do? | Gijs Van Hellemondt (The Netherlands)
  • Unhappy TKA With Major Bone Loss. How To Solve? | Carsten Perka (Germany)

Basic Rules For A Successful Primary TKA | Moderation: Nanne Kort (The Netherlands) and Andrea Baldini (Italy)

  • Patient Selection, Planning And Implant Choice | José Filipe Salreta (Portugal)
  • Approaches, Alignment Options And Implant Choice | Jean-Noël Argenson (France)
  • Bony Cuts And Rotational Positioning | Andrew Price (UK)
  • Ligament Balancing And Fixation Of Implant | Sébastien Lustig (France)