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Main Theme: Registries & Impact on Practice


The most important aim of joint arthroplasty is to find the best solution not only for the patient, but also for both the implant and the bearings to make the “new joint” work perfectly for the rest of the patient’s life. Science, research and especially long-term national registry investigations have all given good guidance on when the risk of joint arthroplasty failure is higher compared to other implants and/or situations. Thus, the use of registry data from research to education purposes is key to provide advice and awareness, experiences and practices in medical device surveillance and arthroplasty outcomes to improve patient care.

On an international perspective, the EFORT Annual meetings can serve as a platform to disseminate education and research on registry data, not only to our National members, but also to the public and government bodies as well as to industry partners related to development of medical devices. This enhances patient, public confidence and trust in medical devices and surgeons who use them, in order to sustain and improve public health.

A European platform to be able to learn other countries’ practices in regards to the use of registries allows the Orthopaedics & Traumatology (O&T) community to have an early awareness system combining the information of several databases with thousands of entries. By creating a network to talk about best practice and how registries are organised in different parts of Europe, this approach makes a real difference allowing surgeons to learn from each other and improve their skills by seeing data which otherwise could not be available to them.

For these reasons, “Registries & Impact On Practice” has been chosen as the main theme of 20th EFORT Congress in Lisbon. The highlights under this overarching theme will include patient selection, implant selection and survival, prediction of outcome, value based healthcare, revision rate, patient safety, quality improvement, patient reported outcome and patient involvement.

Advocating for a better quality of life and working with European Orthopaedic and Traumatology community for the delivery of high-end  musculoskeletal healthcare for European population are the basis of EFORT’s mission. We believe that the 2019 Congress main theme is very much aligned with our mission, which will bridge important components within the scientific programme. You will also have the chance to see the latest products related to joint arthroplasty from our industry partners in the exhibition area.

I would like to assure you that we are working on an inspiring scientific programme.  It is my pleasure to invite you to join us for what promises to be an outstanding scientific congress in the continent’s sunniest capital city. A city considered as a symbol of the will of discovery by being the starting place of many historical expeditions, and which will for sure prove to be the best arrival point for any modern explorer.

We hope the 2019 EFORT Congress destination will be as enjoyable and entertaining as it is expected to be educationally rewarding.

EFORT President 2018-2019

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Main Theme 2019: Registries & Impact On Practice