Exhibitors Database Lisbon 2019

Exhibitors Database 2019

EFORT invites you to browse through the Exhibitors Database of the 20th EFORT Annual Congress Lisbon 2019 which represents those exhibitors that have already committed to and confirmed their presence at the 2019 EFORT Congress to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 05 to 07 June 2019.

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Dělnická 2727
27201 Kladno
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 312 660 670
About Us

BEZNOSKA s.r.o. is a classical Czech family establishment that has been operating without a single share of foreign capital for all of the 25 years of its existence. It has the legal status of a limited liability company with the partners‘ general assembly as the supreme statutory body. The company’s business agenda is managed and controlled by its executive manager.

Although we are a medium-sized enterprise, based in the area of Kladno, we conduct business operations nationwide in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad. Our largest trading partner is the Slovak Republic, where we opened a subsidiary in Bánská Bystrica, named BEZNOSKA SLOVAKIA s.r.o. Our key trading partners are Russia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Portugal and other member countries of the European Union.

We manufacture implants, tools, and surgical utensils for orthopedic surgery and traumatology. Our production’s highly specific specialization requires a very broad scope of expertise, both in terms of technical and medical proficiency, and we therefore cooperate closely with leading specialists ranging from orthopedists and traumatologists to metallurgists.

Thanks to many years of collaboration with numerous clinical facilities in the area of design development, constant innovation of manufacturing technologies, and updating of production programs, we have successfully realized several patents, e.g., Patent 295413 Hip Joint TC or Patent PV-2006-411 for ligament apparatus, and Patent 297700 for UHMWPE modification, jointly with the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences (AV CR).

Area of Business: Orthopaedic Industry
Category: n/a
Number of Employees worldwide: between 100 and 1000
Founded in: 1993
Cemented Hip Joint Stem – type Poldi
Most frequently used type of endoprosthesis in the Czech Republic. The third most widely used cemented stem in Europe.
Cementless Hip Joint Cup – type SF
2nd generation of cementless hip joint cup.
Cerclage system
This is a supplementary osteosynthetic surgical method of solving incidental situations and complications during implantation of total hip joint replacements.
Total knee replacement – type SVL/SVS
It provides for a simple and perfect fixation of the implant at minimal bon resection. Optimized shaping of the articulating surfaces ensures maximum mobility at a good functional stability and minimal wearing. The assortment of the available sizes, all of them in left and right variants, covers evenly the entire range of sizes and, in combination with PE liners of thicknesses, makes it possible to solve practically every situation as may occur during primary implantation of a knee endoprosthesis. The implant delivery include a patella that substitutes knee cap’s facets.
Total replacement of trapeziometacapral joint – type T
Total replacement of trapeziometacarpal joint, type T, was designed using latest findings and experience with this type of implants.
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