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Visit the EFORT Plaza located on the CCL ground floor behind the registration area and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee whilst you listen to Presentations during breaks:

  • Wednesday 05 June 2019 | 16:30-17:00
    The latest in Education & Future planning of the EFORT scientific programme
    By Prof. Dr. Enrique Gómez Barrena, Chair of EFORT Education Committee and Prof. Dr. Søren Overgaard, Chair of EFORT Scientific Programme
    Moderated by Mr. Adrian Ott, EFORT CEO
  • Thursday 06 June 2019 |  09:30-10:00
    20th EFORT Congress Anniversary Milestones
    Panel discussion with EFORT Past Presidents: Prof. George Bentley, Prof. Wolfhart Puhl and Dr. Manuel Cassiano Neves
    Moderated by EFORT President, Ass. Prof. Dr. Per Kjaersgaard-Andersen
  • Thursday 06 June 2019 | 16:30-17:00
    Congress Main Theme: Registries in Europe and Australia
    Presented by Prof. Dr. Rob Nelissen and Mr. David Martin
    Moderated by Dr. Ola Rolfson
  • Friday 07 June 2019 | 09:30-10:00
    Membership Options
    Presented by EFORT President Elect, Prof. Dr. Philippe Neyret
    Moderated by Mr. Adrian Ott, EFORT CEO
  • Wednesday 05 June 2019 | 13:00-13:15
    Handover of Jacques Duparc Awards
  • Friday 07 June 2019 | 12:45-13:00
    Award session/handover Free Paper Awards & Medacta Handover MF Award
  • Pick up your copy of the EFORT Open Reviews (EOR) journal.
  • Explore EFORT eScience at the ‘education activities corner’ view on-line science from previous congresses.
  • EFORT Individual Membership: discover our new membership opportunities.
  • Enjoy the Gigantic LED Screen showing our EFORT activities.
  • Magnetic Photos - take a fun photo for your 20th anniversary memento.
  • Use the Charging Stations & Seating area – whilst you catch up with your colleagues.
  • And take time for freshly brewed coffee.

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