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Online Programme EFORT 2023 Introduction

Discover all the details of our invited sessions such as Symposia, Debate Fora, Evidence-Based Medicine Sessions, Complex Case Discussions, Instructional Lectures, Interactive Expert Exchanges and Specialty Society Sessions, as well as of any abstract-based session (including oral presentation of Free Papers and Clinical Reports and all Posters, including those within Walks).

Browse through our 24th EFORT Vienna 2023 Scientific Programme to find out schedules, presentation titles, names of speakers and abstracts within over 160 scientific sessions scheduled over the 3 days of the congress.

We invite you to use our online search tool to filter the presentations within your field of expertise and consult the schedules of preferred sessions and Faculty members.
You can enter keywords, specific days or topics and export or share all the results.

Moreover, please note that in our efforts to have a paperless congress to follow the trend of all non-governmental societies, but also to stick to a better ecological handling, EFORT will not produce a full print programme in 2023. This interactive, mobile responsive search tool is thus your main source to consult the programme as it corresponds to the most accurate version of the scientific sessions and reflects daily updates.

Mobile version of 2023 Sicentific programme

 If you are using a Smartphone or a Tablet, and for a better user experience, please consult our mobile version of the #EFORT2023 Scientific Programme.

Online Scientific Programme Vienna 2023

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